Maze of the Silver Elements

18 Apr 2016

This is Maze of the Silver Elements, a 3D maze game for the web. The mazes get increasingly bigger as you progress through the game. To progress to the next maze you must collect a silver element.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game to the standard I would've liked. Due to studying for exams, time and mental energy was cut short. The next Ludum Dare I'm hoping to be fully ready and give it a real go.

I have really enjoyed taking part in Ludum Dare 35, it has been a fantastic learning experience as I have not used Three.JS before. It was really satisfying implementing depth-first search to generate the maze.

Ludum Dare page


You must have npm, node, and gulp installed.

npm install

Then, in your browser go to the URL: path/to/Maze-of-the-Silver-Elements/index.html


  • Arrow keys
  • WASD




Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE.