Mandelbrot Set Animation

10 Apr 2017

Using mandelbrot-set-cpp, shell script, and ffmpeg to animate the Mandelbrot Set


  • To create a video animation of the Mandelbrot Set, Julia Sets, and Multibrot Sets using mandelbrot-set-cpp
  • To better learn shell scripting
  • To use ffmpeg to stitch together images to create a video
  • To use mandelbrot-set-cpp to generate images of the Mandelbrot Set


Make sure you have make, ffmpeg, imagemagick, and g++ installed.

Running make will install and compile the mandelbrot-set-cpp dependency.


Scripts, for each animation, can be found in the src/ folder.

Run a script by doing ./src/<script_name>.sh or make build/<script_name>.

The script will be set with the default parameters --bitmap --ratio 1 --width 100 --height 100 --iterations 10 that are passed to mandelbrot-set-cpp. These parameters can be replaced by appending new parameters like so: ./src/<script_name>.sh --width 1920 --height 1080 --max-colour 00ff00.


./src/ --width 1920 --height 1080 --iterations 20 --max-colour 00ff00